The torch has been passed

It’s been discussed many places, including this blog, about certain traits skipping a generation – as in hopefully Miss CB will pick up PaPa’s short game.

It looks like this theory is at work.  I spent many an hour by my Dad’s side when he was rebuilding Land Rovers – Al blames my love of jeeps on this but that’s another story altogether.

My dad was basically a professional grade mechanic, and I…well I wandered around the garage trying to answer “How I still couldn’t tell the difference between a crescent snd socket wrench?”

Fast forward a few years, and I was in the driveway this week trying to get the track bar on my Jeep straightened out.  CB shows up and voila she’s under the hood in a flash.

PaPa would be proud – and I’m just hoping CB has time to rotate my tires before Mommy gets home.

My Life Among the Women

I never knew that watching football with girls could be such an…interesting experience.  I am not much of a football fan, and I guess I’ve never watched a game since CB has been born, or old enough to know what was going on.  But for fear of being outed as a communist, I thought I’d sit down and watch at least a few minutes of the big UT-Ohio State flop.

CB and I are on the couch, and she’s watching intently as a receiver catches the ball and breaks down the field for about 20 yards before running out of bounds.

“Wow that man runs really fast daddy!!” 

The next play some guy runs for about 10 yards before being tackled.  CB jumps off the couch and demands to know – “What that man doing, Daddy?”  After more explanation CB wants to know why, when all that man was trying to do was run really fast, did that other man hit him?” 

After a couple of more tackles CB couldn’t take it any more and was ordering Mommy to give that man a spanking!!!

No tackling – what a great perspective, and obviously one that UT took to heart.

Professional Big Sis

Everyday it seems that CB is getting better at this Big Sister gig…Needless to say, I am very impressed.

CB can obviously hold MK no problem, and, as any of you know that have attempted to call our house, Miss CB is more than adept at handling the phones.

I’m thinking put a little strawberry shortcake on the tube, give CB our cell phone number, and Mommy and Me are headed out on the town…

Urgent Request

We need some help.  Have any of you seen MK’s neck???

Seriously, we’re getting worried.  It’s been missing for some time now.

I don’t know, from the way she’s going – the next place we see her neck might be on the side of a milk carton…