School Days

School is officially back in session for Miss CB.  It’s a little different school setting than last year however.  Very posh private school – limited enrollment.  It’s easy to see – the pupils don’t wear smocks for their art projects – instead donning Chuy’s t-shirts

I do not know how Al does it – homeschooling CB while simultaneously keeping MK  appeased – it’s more than I’d want to tackle..

CB is genuinely excited – she shows me all her projects when I get home, and tells me whatever she learned in class for the day.

There is one little problem – it seems CB is developing quite the attitude in school – as in… “I do it my way, when I want to, however I want to do it.”   Al explains it as her father’s traits coming to the forefront.

I’ve tried to explain to CB that while the teaching staff is really cute – I’m already dreading that first parent-teacher conference.

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