Gratitude Covers a Multitude of Sins…

At least that’s my position.  Al and I have always agreed that while we may not have the cutest kids (we do) or the smartest (we do) they can certainly be polite, and CB has picked up on this “thankfulness” thing quite a bit in the last month.


Yesterday was a prime example, after church we did a little shopping in the afternoon.  With a house full of women, the idea of a sports filled Sunday is a mere fantasy – (not that it mattered anyway – seeing as how the Ryder Cup was officially OVER an hour before we even left for church – Good Job USA…Pathetic)


Just a normal Sunday, but later that afternoon – CB comes up to me, gives me a big hug and says, “Thank you for taking me to church daddy.  And thank you for taking me shopping…and…and everything!!”  She always throws in a couple of “and everythings” when she’s really serious.  

 Too good to pass up…

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