Let's Talk About This

CB’s new favorite phrase, and it means…it means you’re about to get a lecture.


I’ve heard, on more than one occasion, from different folks who’ve been around CB, that I should encourage her attorney tendencies.  While I would never do that to either of my children – it’s a miserable life and I know that they’re already smarter than to go down the lawyer road, CB does show some interesting glimpses from time to time.


This phrase came up several times when we were working on learning letters.  This is a whole other ballgame with CB.  She knows her letters, she recognizes them, and has amazed me lately with her recognition of not only letters, but entire words in books.  She’ll point to random words in books and tell me what that word is, what it means, etc…


However, when it comes to actually drawing the letters on a paper – forget it.  She’ll make random etchings on the page and call it done.  Al was having some issues with her, and I thought maybe it was just a personality clash, and that I could step in and save the day.  Not so fast – it’s even worse with me.  A recent example.


The Letter “C”.  Should be easy enough to put on a page.  After showing her how to draw several C’s on a page, CB starts randomly scribbling all over the page.  If I dared try and hold her hand to show her how to actually make the letter, she’d rip her hand away and point the loaded pencil in my direction and tell me not to do it, she could make the letters all by herself. 


Back to the title phrase, “Let’s talk about this”.  I would draw a C and then CB would draw several circles.  I’d tell her those were great circles, but they were not the letter C.  After this dance goes on for several minutes, she puts the pencil down, looks directly at me and says, “Daddy, let’s talk about this.  I keep drawing C’s and you keep saying they’re circles.  You’re wrong.  They’re not circles they are C’s!!”


I give up.  I chalk it up not to problems with me and CB, but rather problems with PaPa.  CB appears to be operating under one of his lifelong mottos – “Often wrong, but never in doubt”

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