When Did You Graduate?

A seemingly innocuous question, but one that draws some irate responses.  Let me back up a bit.  People around here are insane about TU football – and no that’s not a misspelling-just a nod to the Aggie fans out there.


This past weekend was the big UT-OU game, and you would have thought Earl Campbell himself was coming out of retirement to start in the Super Bowl.  There are 3 main reasons why I didn’t watch the game:

1)                 I didn’t attend the University of Texas

2)                 I didn’t attend the University of Oklahoma

3)                 Davis Love was picking up his 19th career win in his home state


The first two reasons might seem a little strange, but I’ve always had that crazy notion that you should support YOUR college team.  I’m a BU grad, and admittedly, there hasn’t been much to get excited about lately, but hey, the Sox fans waited 86 years for a championship.  Just think of how sweet it’ll be when Baylor wins the big one.


Back to my original question – When did you graduate? It seems I’ve found the perfect response to these rabid fans.  Whenever one of these morons starts going off about how “We’re going to win the big one, and don’t WE look great this year?”  I’ll just casually ask them, “When did you graduate?”


Guaranteed to draw complete silence and a look of utter horror.  People are truly astounded you would bring up such an obvious question.  Occasionally, I’ll get the response of ’78 or ’92 followed by reminiscing of how good, or bad, the team was back then, and how it’s nice to see the program back on top.  This is usually 1 out of about 1,000.


I think this could all be solved with a professional team.  Consider this my petition to get an NFL franchise in Austin.  Because, no matter how much orange gear you buy, UT still ain’t the NFL.  And look on the bright side, I think you could pick up T.O. on the cheap after his Philly performance – he’d fit in perfect around here

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