Texas Pride

Thanks for the response from the last post.  I got a ton of e-mail on my UT blast – 99% of the folks were in agreement with me, and the replies I got were funnier than anything I could’ve written.


However, I need to clear a few things up.  I am not inherently Anti-Austin, it’s just that I’m strongly Pro-Texas. And it appears that those 2 views are in extreme opposition at the moment.


Austin has always been…different.  I know as a kid growing up, whenever we’d come to visit I loved it.  I’ve always been accused of having a little freak in me.  Before I was born when my parents lived in Temple, they loved their weekend trips to Austin to different restaurants and to see the sights that you can only see in Austin.


In the last 10-15 years everything has changed…drastically.  Austin was invaded by the worst kind of outsiders – Californians.  Texas Monthly has done some interesting articles on the demise of Austin and how that for the last 10 years Texans are an extreme minority to the California freaks – and it’s only getting worse. I remember contacting the Austin Chamber years ago when I worked for a Congressman and was told how many thousands of people were moving to Austin a month – all from Southern California.


Now, I don’t want to be one to only complain, so I’m here to offer solutions.  Through my highly trained skills of observation, I’ve noticed there are several things these Californians hate.  They are extremely pro-choice, they are strongly in favor of gun control, and they absolutely despise anything even remotely involved with President Bush.  Hence my plan….


Everyone around here needs to have a lot of kids, dress them appropriately, and train them early in the handling of weapons.  I couldn’t think of anything that would drive these freaks out of here faster than a yard full of toddlers, each carrying a 30.06, and sporting some stylish “W” gear.  


It’s our duty as Texans…

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