CB’s obsession with books grows by the day, but lately she’s becoming more interested in the people who write the books.  Every time we start a new book, she immediately asks “Who wrote this book, Daddy?”

We were eating dinner the other night when Max & Ruby, CB’s current favorite, became the topic of choice.  CB nochalantly turns to Mommy and says, “Rosemary Wells writes the Max & Ruby books.”

This is all well and good until Sunday night when we were in the middle of some book and CB stops me, with a grave look of concern on her face, and asks “Who wrote Kipper?”

I have no idea, and worse yet, I didn’t have a Kipper book nearby for reference.  Undeterred, CB informs me that tomorrow when I’m at work, I need to look up the Kipper books on my ‘puter.  I got a reprieve.

Monday night rolls around and we’re once again in the middle of storytime when CB’s Kipper question pops up once more.  Having completely forgotten about it, I start scrambling…I mean, come on, she’s 3 years old.

“Marc Brown wrote the Kipper books” I tell her, and quickly go back to the story.

“Daddy” CB belts out, clearly exasparated, “Marc Brown writes the Arthur Books!! You didn’t look it up on your ‘puter”


So, CB, if you’re on the puter today…

It’s Mick Inkpen

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