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Recently, my girls took a field trip.  Now, if you’re like me, a field trip brings back memories of broken down school buses with no A/C, lost sack lunches, and trips to museums that had employees older than anything on display.

Not so with these kids today.  Nope, my girls went to Krispy Kreme…

Nothing better than watching the mass production of sugar fried fat!

Proudly displaying her hat…more on that later.

Al and I have been laughing about this picture non-stop.  Something about her expression, and that hat… She looks like the proud new employee showing up for her first double shift.

The hat.  It took on a life of its own.  CB was obsessed with her new found headwear.  Saturday, CB and I spent all morning in her playroom.  One of her favorites was grocery store.  So, of course, she was HEB Manager, and she had to have her hat.

Saturday afternoon was our neighbor’s birthday party.  Al had CB all dressed up, pink of course, with matching pink bow.  The only problem was, you couldn’t see the bow because it was covered by the Krispy Kreme/HEB Manager hat.  She would not take it off.

Al was dying, and I was cracking up.  “None of these kids went on the field trip.  They have no clue what the hat is for,” Al was pleading with me.  “Plus, my daughter is not going to look like some dork in that hat.”

CB’s response was priceless.
“I’m gonna wear my hat to the party, and all the kids are gonna say, OOOOOOOOH Where’d you get that hat?  And I’ll say HEB!”

She was convinced it was the coolest thing ever, and knew that all the other kids would be extremely jealous.

Needless to say, Al won out in the end.  Although I still think the hat would have been the hit of the party.

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