Backseat Choir

To say that Little Miss MK dislikes the car would be tantamount to saying that World War II was a small misunderstanding between friends.  She hates it, and she lets you know about it as well.


CB hated the car also, which was no big surprise, as she pretty much hated everything, except for Mommy holding her and eating, and generally both at the same time, for the first couple of years of her life.  But our angelic little MK is so happy and content 95% of the time, that this came as a shock to us.


Fast forward to Sunday afternoon.  I had taken the girls out to lunch, and we were going to hit the Arboretum and just wander around outside on a beautiful day.  Nice and scenic.  Except of course for the gettin’ there part.


We’re cruising down the highway, and in the back seat, MK is screaming at the top of her lungs; and I mean she is going at it hard.  Not to be outdone CB has recently learned the words to “Jingle Bells”, with her personal favorite lines of “Dashing through the snow” and Laughing all the way, HO! HO! HO!  Not wanting the rest of the song to interfere, CB is content with repeating those lines over and over…and over.


I’m driving a hundred and three down the highway, Al is repeatedly trying to ask me something but can’t be overheard because of the of the backseat symphony of “WAAAAAHHH”  “LAUGHING ALL THE WAY”  “WAAAAHHHHHHH”  “DASHING THROGH THE WAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!”


Now I understand why our conversations have become nothing more than inaudible grunts and complex hand gestures.


We finally stopped at an extremely busy intersection, with multiple semis exiting the highway, planes overhead, constant honking, road construction crews in every direction, and in the midst of it all was a homeless guy on the corner.  Al looks over at him and says, “Poor Guy” 

 And I’m staring at him longingly, thinking “Stuck in that intersection in all that chaos.”  Hmmmmm, must be a symphony of silence.

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