Hi. My Name’s Mark, and I’m a Dork

4:30 a.m. Sunday Morning.  Pitch Black, 27 degrees.  Where were you?  Asleep in your warm bed, I’m guessing.  I doubt very seriously you thought about crawling out of bed to head across town and stand in a Target Parking lot for the next 4 hours.  And yet there I was.  And the fruit of my labors…

 Sad, isn’t it?  Not hardly.  Totally worth it.  For the uninformed, the Wii is Nintendo’s latest foray into the gaming world, with the big difference being the control scheme.  No more mashing seven thousand buttons and working 14 control sticks in hopes of producing some kind of results onscreen.  Nope, the only controller with the Wii looks like an average TV remote control, and to play the games, you literally have to play the game.


Tennis…grip it like a racquet and swing the remote.  Delicate drop shot, blistering back hand, it’s all the same, but don’t think you’re going to pull off those shots if you couldn’t do it on a real court, because you won’t.  My personal favorite…golf.  Hold the remote like a club and let it rip.  Just as aggravating, if not more so, as the real thing.


After the initial set-up, CB and I went head to head in a Tennis match.  Al wants it on the record that in the first official Wii game; I lost to a 3 yr old playing tennis.  But let’s be realistic, she’s not 3.  She’s 3 ½, and she’s really big for her age.  Plus she’s obviously got incredible athletic genes.


Smashing forehand…unfortunately returned by CB.


The CB-Daddy rivalry comes to a head.


Bowling.  Al and I have this long-standing rivalry, over a decade now, when it comes to bowling.  I’m convinced I should beat her every time, but she won’t listen to me, and she continues to win.  And no, it’s no different with the Wii version.


Look at that form…


Once again the first official Bowling match, a loss for Daddy.  But again in my own defense, I was holding MK on my hip while bowling, and that seriously threw off my weight distribution.


Later that day, during naptime, Al and I went at it again in the bowling alley.  This time, I didn’t have MK, and well, it was obviously impairing my game, as with my incredible athletic prowess, I had learned to compensate for the weight on my hip, and now without her, my form was just not right.  Luckily, she woke up.  I threw her on my hip and managed to rally in the last 3 frames and squeak out a win.


P.S.  After we got the little ones to bed that night.  Al managed to destroy me in the first game of bowling.  I went double or nothing and lost the second game even worse.  We switched to tennis, and I soundly took her for 2 matches…she can’t handle my serve.  If I didn’t have to get up at 5 am to go to work, we could have declared the winner.  I’m thinking Boxing tonight, but I don’t know.  She’s small, but really wiry

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