When She Goes…She Goes

Al and I are different.  No two ways about it.  We are the ultimate yin and yang.  So it should be no surprise that we handle things differently. For example, if I say I’m going to start running, I’m going to plan big.  Not a marathon, too cliche.  Probably something more along the lines of the Ironman, in the desert, barefoot.  Definitely, more my style.

However, a goal of that size requires a lot of planning.  A lot.  Therefore, I’ll need to talk about it, and plan my attack, and have another beer, and wait for the weather to get cooler.

Al, on the other hand decided this year out of the blue that she was going to start running, and that she was going to run a 10k.  I tried to reason with her and point out the fact that she had never run before, and that a 10k wasn’t much of a challenge, and that I knew of a 100 mile event in Leadville that we could both train for.   I couldn’t finish my argument because she was already out the door and well on her way to a 10k.

Fast forward a few months…

Al and her closest ten thousand friends went out for a little run.  Again, something I could never do.  Just looking at all those people makes me break out in hives.

However, I was supportive.  I know that nutrition plays a big role, and that carb loading is a key element of race prep.

We dropped Al off at the starting line and headed to Magnolia Cafe for chocolate chip pancakes…again, strictly for the carb loading.

Eventually we did make it back to the finish line just in time to see our champion.  Very impressed.  She may have even inspired me.  It will be big, I’ll keep you posted.


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