A Tradition Like No Other…

Ok, maybe it’s not Sunday at Augusta, but it is special to our clan.

At least CB enjoyed it.  MK, on the other hand, is looking somewhat horrified.

Can you really blame her? It’s not everyday you see this roaming down the street.  Fear not, it’s not the newest Branch Davidian guard dog, just the Baylor Homecoming Parade.

One of the highlights every year is getting to see the Braunsteins.  The CB/Graham photo has become a tradition in itself.  This year’s selection is edging it’s way into the “I’m too old for this…it’s not cute anymore.”

Fear not, kids.  No matter how old you get…you’ll always have this…

This should be the subject of a massive BU marketing push, and with any luck, the royalties will pay the tuition someday.


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