The Tradition Continues

For many, Thanksgiving is all about tradition.  The turkey, the pecan pie, the Cowboys inevitably blowing a lead.  I’m no different myself; I’m all about the traditions.  The Wookies, the overweight senior citizens dancing the mamba, and did I mention Princess Leia?

The Chuy’s Parade.  I’m not a big fan of parades.  That Macy’s Thanksgiving day thing would be like a slow day in hades for me.  The Chuy’s deal is just my style, however.

This next one, I don’t know what it is, but I like it. It brings out that holiday spirit.

I love it.  The passion, the intensity, the bunion containing SAS.  The only antidote for that…

Big fan of Leia.

The only thing fitting after the Chuy’s Parade is a quick stroll to South Congress.  I’m not sure what all to say about the SoCo area.  Interesting, very interesting.  The locals like to talk about the artisans and the art scene – and if by artisans they mean hippies that burn lettuce at all hours – then yes, I agree.

Two things:  1) That’s a chick playing the Bass.  2) They’re playing bluegrass.  3) They’re awesome.  Ok, that’s three – but I did second hand smoke at least 2 doobies on the sidewalk, so forgive me.

After all that, nothing better than a trip to Hey Cupcake – the grandest trailer in all the land.

I am not a huge sweets fan, nor am I especially interested in Cupcakes – but Hey Cupcake’s Red Velvet is the stuff dreams are made of.

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