No Way

I’m feeling old.  Something maybe to do with CB’s birthday this week – my baby is 6?  No!  But the big kicker is something I heard on a podcast this week.  Columbia just released a special 25th Anniversary edition of Ghostbusters.  What?

No, that can’t be right.  I mean I saw that when I was a kid…in 1984…oh my God, that was 25 years ago.  Unbelievable.

That started me thinking about Ghostbusters and I made Al watch a little bit of it with me.  A script by Harold Ramis and Dan Akroyd with Bill Murray deadpanning his way through the whole thing – comedy genius.  Al was actually surprised.

I was still in shock about the whole 1984 thing and wondered what other classics were celebrating their 25th.  The Results?  I’m going to go ahead and call it.   1984 may have been the greatest year of cinema…ever.

Beverly Hills Cop – when Eddie Murphy was still funny and you couldn’t take your mother or children within 100 yards of one his movies.  Not the family friendly flops of today.  Anybody remember Delirious?

The Terminator – “I need your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle.”  Arnold has never come close to being as cool as this again.

Red Dawn – WOLVERINES!!!  Swayze drinking deer blood and killing commies.  Maybe only eclipsed by his latter role as a skinny little runt named Dalton.  Ok, maybe this is too personal a choice

A Nightmare on Elm Street – one of the greatest horror series ever gets its start.

The Karate Kid – Al made me put this on the list.  I admit.

Revenge of the Nerds – Another choice from Al.  Horrible movie – Al can still recite the screenplay verbatim to this day.  If nothing else, it makes my argument for the breadth of films from 1984.

The Natural – Arguably the greatest sports movie ever made.  Don’t tell me you don’t get goose bumps when Roy rips one out the park, blood dripping from his uniform…and that freaking music starts up.

Footloose – I’ve already shown the love for Red Dawn and Terminator so I can get with Kevin Bacon rocking the sweet moves.

Sixteen Candles – Long Duck Dong.  Enough said.

Splash – John Candy takes a crotch shot playing racquetball.  Then throw in Tom Hanks and the hottest mermaid ever.

I didn’t even get to Gremlins or Romancing the Stone.  Maybe it’s nostalgia, but I think not.  You can have you’re The Constant Gardner and Slumdog Trivia-whatever…I’ll take the classics.

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