Pixar is King

Even if the glasses are a little iffy.

I took the girls to see Up on opening weekend.  Mainly because I’ll go see anything Pixar puts out, but also because I hadn’t seen anything in 3-D since Jaws 3.  It’s come a long way since the red and green glasses and the floating, severed limbs.

I was expecting a good time, but I was completely unprepared for what I saw.  I hadn’t seen a single preview or commercial for Up and honestly had no clue what the story was even about…actually, not a bad way to go into a movie.

We get settled in after mortgaging the house for tickets.  $32 for an adult and 2 kids – at a matinee.  Seriously?

The opening 20 minutes of Up are better than anything I’ve seen in a long, long time, animated or otherwise.  The story of Carl and his wife, their relationship, the struggles, the laughter, the tears.  Unbelievable.

I’m a pretty cynical guy, and am not one for crying at movies.  But here I am 15 minutes into the film and I’m getting choked up.  I’m sitting here thinking about a wasted life and all the chances we miss and how important it is to live every moment…and will the girls notice if I’m crying behind these dorky glasses.  Luckily, I look over and MK is holding out her hand in front of her face, either judging the quality of the new 3-d technology, or just checking out a huge booger – I can’t be sure at this point.

Either way, the girls made it unscathed through the opening chapter.  They loved the movie, and so did I. It was classic Pixar; incredible story, great 3-d effects, and that voodoo they weave so well that gets you emotionally invested in a character that looks like a bobblehead doll with a thyroid condition.  Overall, very pleased…and now getting pumped for Toy Story III.

Anyone else catch this and agree, or am I way off base with the mad Pixar love?  Still trying to decide where to rank this one with Toy Story, Wall-E, and The Incredibles.

3 thoughts on “Pixar is King”

  1. I agree completely! I cried during Up, too. I was just talking with a friend last night and she said that she heard that Pixar has always tried to incorporate a message/lesson, something about humanity and relationships and such. I thought that was interesting. We always enjoy all of the Pixar movies.

  2. I’m glad yall loved Up! If my two year old can sit through the whole movie without one major case of the wiggles, it’s got to be good!

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