I mentioned in the last entry about my parents coming to help, and there’s no way we could have gotten anytyhing done without them.  I know the painting would have gotten done, eventually.   Probably sometime in August, and it would not have looked  nearly as good.  Dad was also around to help me with some more interesting projects, more on that later…

Then, the second wave came in.  Al’s parents showed up a couple days after my parents left and really went to work getting the house ready.  CB loved this revolving door of grandparents.  I know we’d still be eating off paper plates and looking for everything if it weren’t for Nana Jane and Grandpa.

The final wave, and possibly the worst job was left to Molly and Shane.  Just want everyone wants to do on a Saturday – a 16hr day of moving furniture.  Good Times.

One of the many action photos.  I think Shane started to catch on after the first truck load.  I was fine with the smaller boxes, but when it came to the 500lb plus items, all these mysterious injuries kept popping up.  I think the picture above was taken when I blew a hamstring right before we moved the 800lb armoire.  Strange how that happens.

We owe all these people a great deal, and will definitely have a party to celebrate.  No painting, lifting, or cleaning alllowed.  

Thanks again to everyone.

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