Life Imitating Art

The new season of 24 is back and I now have a reason to turn on the tv again.  However, something has me worried.  I was watching Obama’s speech last week on the economy and his proposed stimulus package, and I couldn’t help but start thinking about 24.

There have been numerous articles written about the pervasiveness of pop culture and how 24 helped pave the way for accepting our first Afircan-American president with the portrayal of David Palmer.

Problem is, I’d vote for President Palmer in a heartbeat, but everytime I see Obama behind a podium I always think of the other Palmer…Wayne.

That makes me a little nervous.

2 thoughts on “Life Imitating Art”

  1. I never did like Wayne, but give me David Palmer as President any day.

    I might even switch my insurance to Allstate because of him.

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