How Do They Know???

Call it women’s intuition…or something along those lines.  Either way, wives always know.  Perhaps I should back up a bit.  My Dad and I spent days over at the house getting everything ready.  Painting, hanging blinds, etc…  The entire time we’re doing this, my phone never rings.  I don’t hear a peep out of Al.  But then, we start in on the TV…

I had been telling Al for weeks that I had this plan to mount our TV on the wall, and I was going to route all the wires through the wall, and not to ask any more questions becuase she would love it.  We got to the no more asking questions part when I explained that this project would necessarily involve cutting holes in the dry wall and putting in my own junction boxes. 

The second I get the saw buried in the wall, the phone rings.  Completely out of the blue.  Who could it be?

“How do they know?”  Dad asks.

“What are you working on?” Al asks.  I try to dodge a few questions and then assure her that everything is fine.

“Besides,” I tell her.  “You’ve got a fully licensed lawyer and doctor working on this project.  Relax.”

“Yes and they’re both named Havens.  That’s what worries me.” 

Unfortunately, Al has heard the story of how my dad, after much shall we say, prodding by my mother, decided to tackle the remodeling of the den.

My mom had been saying for weeks how she wanted the den to be “opened up”. After one long day at the hospital, and one too many suggestions, dad walks into the den, plugs the circular saw into the wall, and starts cutting.  Just holds the saw up along the wall and starts walking with the blade spinning.  I must admit, it did open things up quite a bit.  Although, in all the HGTV shows I’ve seen since then, I’ve never seen anyone recommend plugging a saw in to the actual wall you’ll be removing, but hey whatever works…

The final result?

Jack Bauer in all his High Def goodness.  Not a wire in sight, and Al was thrilled

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