Bethlehem and the Big 12

CB is a puzzling creature to say the least. I’ve chronicled her love affair with prayer on the blog before, and she is continuing the tradition. She’s now attempting to sing a full “Our Father” before mealtime every night – something that MK is shooting down pretty quickly, if not immediately. However, her bedtime invocations are getting much more…bizarre.

Al comes out of her room last night in tears. Not unheard of that a good prayer could move you to tears, but from laughter???

We’ve been talking about Christmas and the birth of Jesus. Nothing unusual, until CB drops this in for the opening of her prayer.

“Oh, Heavenly Father. Master and creator of our universe. Thank you for your son, who was born in a stable with the goats, and the donkeys…and the Hook ‘em Horns.”

Talk about your separation of church and state.

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