MK. What to do with that girl? She, much like older sister, has been a little late to the game in the verbal area, and much like older sister she is quickly making up for lost time.

One of her favorite uses of this new found skill is litigation. This girl will argue anything, and the scary thing is…she’s getting better.

I know we should be prepared for this, but the problem is that MK is learning from CB’s mistakes, and apparently we’re not. Take clothing for example, always a source of much discussion around our household. MK has become extremely opinionated as to what she will, or more importantly, will not wear.

We’re used to this same argument from CB, but she was always more…forthcoming. “I’m not wearing that shirt. I’m not wearing those pants, and forget about those shoes”

When questioned as to why her entire wardrobe had suddenly become so offensive, CB invariably responded with “It’s not cute. It’s not pink.” Or the ever popular – “I don’t like it.”

This usually ended with “I don’t care if you don’t like it, you’re wearing it.” Problem was, CB was too opinionated and knew her opinions didn’t hold much weight. MK has taken a different tact.

When she finds a shirt she doesn’t like, which is daily, she throws her hands in the air and screams. “No! No! No!” She quickly follows up with, “It’s too Big. Too Big. Too Big.” I’d be distracted for the next few minutes checking tags and by that point MK had already grabbed something else. It only took me a half a dozen times to figure out that the clothes she was pulling were the same size as the “too big” ones – I’m quick like that.

“Too big, too small, too scratchy, and simply won’t fit” have become her standards. She knows that “I don’t like it” quickly gets shot down, but these other options give her a little more time to work with, and that’s really all she needs.

My personal favorite was her objection the other day to a pair of pants. Al was trying them on her to see if they were even remotely close to her size – they weren’t. MK immediately starts dropping the “Too tight! Too tight!” Objection. These pants were so huge that MK had to hold the waist to keep them from hitting the floor. “Too small! Too Small.”

She even had to smile about that one.

2 thoughts on “Objection…sustained?”

  1. Now you know why my copy of “The Strong Willed Child” was definitely well read. I suppose I have to take some of the blame as far as genetics go since Mother said I frequently changed clothes several times each morning before I left for school. See what you have to look forward to…only you have the joy of doing it with 2 of them! Of course they always look adorable!

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