The Honeymoon Baby

Hard to believe that my first born son is turning 10.

Rocking the party hat.

I know, I know.  Seve was not pumped about the Strawberry Shortcake hat.  Even the birthday boy has fallen victim to the all female all the time overload.  However, the rotten catfish-goat meat cake won him over.  Seriously Cesar, if you’re promoting your company as gourmet, you could do something about the stench.

Overall, a good event.  However, Seve needs to learn, like all of us old men, you can’t party like you used to.

“Just make my head quit hurting and I swear I’ll never do it again.”

One thought on “The Honeymoon Baby”

  1. OMG You were right! He does look like Monster. We should set them up on a playdate…Although, his old age may get in the way. Monster is still a young pup at the ripe old age of 8!

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