Imaginary…not so much

I’ve long said that if someone were to make a movie of CB’s life it would be an ensemble cast.  That girl never has a shortage of imaginary friends.  But it seems lately that some of those “imaginary” friends are making an appearance in the real world.


One of the recurring characters in CB’s adventures is Bin-Bin.  Bin-Bin is a small Chinese boy that is in CB’s school.  She talked about him so much last year that we thought he actually was in CB’s class.  Al pulled out her classroom info and sure enough we didn’t see a Bin-Bin on the roll.  Problem solved.


CB talked about Bin-Bin all summer and what they did.  She’d call him on her cell phone, along with Lucy, another one of CB’s favorites.  Whenever I’d ask CB if Bin-Bin were in her class this year, she’d tell me that no, he wasn’t.  He was still at her school, but in a different class.


Things got more interesting recently on a trip to the library.  Al and the girls had gone to story time one morning when suddenly CB pops up with, “Mommy, there’s Bin-Bin!”  Al looks over and sees a Chinese lady with a small son, who looks exactly like what CB has described.  They walk over directly toward Al, but then turn away to go look at some other books.  I asked Al why she didn’t go and talk to the lady, to which Al responds with, “Yeah, wouldn’t that be an interesting conversation.  I’m sorry ma’am but is your son named Bin-Bin, because we think he’s imaginary, but there’s always a possibility that he could actually be the small Chinese boy that my daughter is always speaking of.” 


Ok, I don’t blame Al for not asking.  Fast forward to this morning.  Al was taking CB to school and after dropping her off when she sees the same boy from the library going into another classroom.  He’s going into the classroom of the teacher that CB had last year.  Al could not stand it any longer, and I would have loved to hear this conversation.


Al asks CB’s old teacher what the little boy’s name is.  She responds with…wait for it…Bin.


“Bin?” Al asks.  The teacher replies that his name is Bin, but we all call him Bin-Bin.  The teacher goes on to explain that he was in CB’s class last year, but he came in about halfway through the year, explaining why he wasn’t on the roll. She said he was one of the sweetest little kids that she had ever taught, and that he hardly spoke any English.  CB took to him immediately and mothered him for the rest of the year.  CB’s teacher said that CB kept an eye on Bin-Bin and always made sure he was included in everything and made sure he knew where he was going at all times.  Unbelievable.  I had been making up stories with Bin-Bin, the Easter Bunny, and Batman for the last year, and CB had been going along with it all.  Who’s the weirdo now?


I’m now waiting for us to be walking through the mall and have CB introduce us to a 24-year old female with a newborn.  Who would that be?  Lucy, of course, another of CB’s imaginary friends.

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