Looong Monday

Ever feel like you need a soundtrack for your day? John Prine’s Long Monday would fit perfect. The day started at 5:00 am with me heading South of Houston for work related issues. I wasn’t flying solo however, and let’s just say it was a loooong, turbulent journey. Including an all day jaunt in a rented PT Cruiser convertible and lunch at someplace that would have fit in perfect in Downtown Baghdad.

After 7 hours in the car, it put me back in Austin just in time for traffic for an additional 1 1/2 hour commute home. Good times. Then the fun starts.

I’m trying to give the girls a bath while Al ran to the store. I get the tub full and am trying to wrestle MK out of a diaper. I get the diaper almost completely off as she is running, literally, out the bathroom door. I pulled the diaper off not expecting a surprise to fall out the back door. Sure enough, it did. I caught the remnants in the diaper and continued to chase the Sprinting Dumper across the house. I finally get her in the tub and start looking for CB.

CB then looks in the tub before she gets in and asks “What is all that?”  Apparently, MK was not finished and then promptly finished the job in the tub. Niiice. Remember I’m flying solo here – I think Al planned it this way.

I grab MK and tell CB to not touch any of the bath toys. She grabs the soap and shampoo and we head to Mommy and Daddy’s Tub. I fill the tub and am trying to keep the girls contained. The tub is about a 1/4 full and I turn and see a diving stick in the tub.

“CB, why did you put this in here?” I ask.

“I didn’t. Mary Kate did.” CB responds. Oh yeah, while I had MK over my shoulder carrying her to the other tub she’s swinging this stick over her head. And the stick? Yeah, it’s contaminated from the prior tub incident.  So now we have 2 kids, 2 tubs, both with some floating chunks.

At this point I’m forced to do a quick scrub job on our tub, and am praying that Tuesday cannot get here quick enough.

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