Never Say…Soccer?

I am not a man of absolutes.  I’m a more open, go with the flow kind of guy. However, I made one proclamation even before we had kids – No child of mine will ever be involved in soccer.  Never!

So, what’s been going on the past several weeks.  CB’s playing soccer, and I’m the head coach.   Good Times.

Here’s this thing.  Kick it.  Or kick some other kid.  Just kick something.

Rallying the troops.  I’m more of a defensive coach by nature.  Let the other team run all the plays.  We’ll just wait until we can either knock you down, or you lose it out of bounds.  It’s all about the strategery.

Al said I had to include this picture.  I have know idea what play I’m calling, or why no one is listening.  But if you notice CB, we’re definitely on the same page.  God help her, there’s some genetics at work in this family.

And the best part of the whole thing…the obligatory lunch at Chuy’s after the game.  I had to include a memento from Pa Pa’s game.  When Pa Pa came to watch, CB was nothing short of stellar.  Opening kickoff – CB scored a goal.  Not on the opening play – I mean she kicked a goal from the opening kickoff. It only got better from there.  Pa Pa was shocked as little miss shy CB turned into Bill Lambier on the field.  Any bloodletting – CB was sure to be a part of it.  Al thinks I’m taking it too far, but I’ve got to say her performance is only due to one of two things…Coaching or Genetics.  Either way, it’s all good.

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