You Only Turn 5 Once…Or

When you’re a princess everything is twice as nice.  Only CB could figure out a way to squeeze in two birthdays.

The first?  We were in Longview for a wedding, and it was CB’s idea that since Nana and PaPa were there, it would be best to go ahead and celebrate with them.  Can’t argue with that.  The Location?

Chuck E. Cheese.  Once again, CB’s idea.

I can’t put it all off on the girl…she had some help.

Little sis wasn’t complaining.  Except when it came to Chuck.  Not a big fan.  I know I heard rat come across her lips more than once.

Did you expect something else?

All in all, a great day,  Because, you have to remember, when you head to Chuck’s place for a birthday…it’s all about the kids.

4 thoughts on “You Only Turn 5 Once…Or”

  1. Looks like EVERYONE had a great time. We miss you guys so much and would love to get together sometime. Sorry it’s been so long, life has been SO crazy for us.

    Miss ya

  2. Seriously? My philosophy is stretch out the birthday celebration as long as possible. Last year mine spanned almost two months! You go, CB. Start training everyone early. ;)

  3. Caroline is only following in her dad’s footsteps since I remember so well ( and I’m sure you do too) what your birthday celebrations were like. I think you thought your birthday was a National Holiday! We had “but it’s the day before my birthday” then “well it’s the day after my birthday”. Of course we loved every minute of it. I’m just so glad we got to have the big celebration for Caroline & Mary Kate here this year.

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