Do I know my readers?  Al was calling me a freak and telling me no one would get my “Say Anything” reference. Not only did they get it, the exact two people I told her would enjoy it were the only ones that commented.

Now for some obscure tv references.  Not much to say about these…

Other than… “In DOG we trust.”

Anybody seen Leland???

3 thoughts on “Validation”

  1. Man – I feel so predictable… ;) I will say that I have no idea what this TV show is. I know there was a Leland on Twin Peaks, but no “In DOG we trust” on that show. (How do you like THAT obscure TV reference?!)

  2. No worries, Mark. I know all about THE bounty hunter. Can’t say I’ve watched a full episode, but I’m at least familiar. A couple in our Sunday School class dressed up like Dog and his insane wife for Halloween a few years ago. It was pretty funny. Oh, and to make you feel better, Aaron got the Say Anything reference too. He was like “who doesn’t know that?”.

  3. My husband used to let the kids (aged 6 & 3) watch Dog with him… until A&E pulled the show for the whole racism issue.

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