Event of the Millenium

I don’t know if the world can handle another event of this magnitude. I know I can’t.

The prep work…

Of course, little sis had to get in on the action.

Sponge rollers for everyone. Rollers, for MK’s hair? Could be the new definition of futile.

And now for the big unveiling…wait for it..

My Dancing Queen.

Some Divas in the making.

What is this? An entire flock of Theta Cats? Flashback. I fear I’m haunted forever.

McCavity wasn’t there…

And after the all the hub-hub, CB still has time for her adoring fans. We’ve obviously raised her right.

5 thoughts on “Event of the Millenium”

  1. Love the “Theta Cat” reference. Nice touch, Mark. While I’m posting about t-ball, you’re posting dance recitals. I love it! I’m sure she did an incredible job and had fun too!

  2. So glad to get to see photos of our favorite grand-God daughter! We’re sure she was a Star dancer– ready for Dancing with the Stars! Besides that, she is SO cute in her costume! And mother’s and Nana’s beautifying are always the right touch! I’m glad our little beauty Mary Kate was there to cheer her on! And surely, all those ‘cats’ are adoptable! Keep sharing! Lola and PaPa B

  3. I’m so glad we were able to be there for the “big event”. We enjoyed every minute of it (I especially enjoyed all the “prep” beforehand, yes even the fun part of putting rollers in Mary Kate’s hair) and of course we definitely thought Caroline was the “star” of the show.

  4. Caroline looked so cute!! I’d bet the recital was a hoot! I’m sure Mary Kate will be joining her in dance soon.

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