Pig-Tail Madness

Decent enough picture.  CB was rocking the pig tails and MK wanted in on the action as well.  Should have stopped with the first picture.

Did I mention MK was REALLY enjoying the pig-tails?

This is ridiculous.  We’re moving into Christmas card territory now.

3 thoughts on “Pig-Tail Madness”

  1. Those girls are ADORABLE. I think it is so interesting how different they look. Eyes, expressions, skin tone. Precious pictures!! Thanks.

  2. Those pictures made me smile almost as big as MK (just without the scrunching–it’s definitely cuter on her than me). They’re getting so big!

    Alison, we had our last MOPS mtg for this year and I thought of you! Know you’re STILL missed! :-)

  3. As always, great pictures of some very adorable children! Mark, your PaPa would have said “those are donkey tails not pig tails because pig tails are always braided”. Oh how I wish he could be here to enjoy those two precious girls.

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