Leprechauns in Alabama

I have never posted a youtube video on the blog before, but this is classic. Leprechauns in Mobile, Alabama. It’s an actual local news story on a possible leprechaun in a tree in Mobile. There are so many things wrong with this story. I still think my favorite is the “amateur sketch” someone did. It makes those unabomber sketches look like the Mona Lisa. Enjoy!!


3 thoughts on “Leprechauns in Alabama”

  1. yep, I knew there was a reason that I like you and don’t even know you. My favorite part was the guy who was going to get a backhoe to find the pot of gold…Saw this last week and have been cracking up. Do a search for “Everyday Normal Guy”…

  2. Hahahaha! My favorite part is the leprechaun flute that has been passed down for “thousands of years” from his Irish ancestors. Awesome.

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