When Did This Happen?

I’m getting old.  I understand that.  My dad was right when he used to hound me as a teenager for all that jumping on concrete and hardwood. Back then it was all about increasing the vertical.  Now, however it’s about my knees and ankles serenading me with the William Tell Overture when I get out of bed.  I’m also getting to like cold weather less and less.  These things I understand.  What I don’t understand is what happened this weekend.


Sunday afternoon was one of those picture perfect spring days, made even more perfect by the fact that it occurred in the middle of February.  We took the girls to a local park and lo and behold found a huge hill.  Who can’t resist running to the top of that? CB and I make it to the top, and I get the bright idea that it’s time to introduce her to “hill rolling”.  I get her lined up sideways, hands tucked, legs stiff, and give her a good push.  She goes soaring down the hill at about 4,000 RPM.  She gets up covered in grass and screaming with laughter.  She runs back to the top and does this about 3-4 more times. 


She then decides that Daddy should get in on the action.  No problem.  I assume the position at the top of the hill, and in no time at all I’m at the bottom.  I’ll have to admit, it was a lot more fun than I anticipated.  Then it hits me.


I stand up, or at least attempt to.  The entire world is spinning, and it feels like someone has just tried to crack open my dome with a crowbar.  I’ve got one eye shut staggering around in the field trying to grab a tree before I fall down.  CB thinks this whole thing is hysterical.


After a few minutes, the earth finally returns to a slower rotation, enough for me to make out where CB’s standing, and I realize that she’s just done this same thing 4 times in a row with no adverse effects.


“Don’t you get dizzy?” I ask her.  She just laughs and tells me no.  She looks at me like I’ve just asked her the strangest question in the world.  So, my question is this?  When does that internal dizziness sensor kick in.?  Age 10, 20, 30?


At age 4 CB can roll down the hill for half an hour and never think twice.  I thought my first time must have been some kind of fluke.  Al’s threatening me as I made my way to the top that if I take one more roll, then she’s driving home.


One last shot.  Was it a fluke?  Let’s just say that I handed the keys to Al as we left. Actually, I think I handed my keys to a small oak tree that I thought was Al. 


I’m getting old.

One thought on “When Did This Happen?”

  1. For me it happened at 31. I got on my favorite ride at 6-flags (the one that spins you upside down… love it!). As soon as it started I knew I was in trouble. I’m inside this cage going 100 miles an hour chanting “don’t throw up, don’t throw up.” I haven’t been the same since! So sad…

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