Zoo Fun

We’ve been promising the girls a trip to the zoo for quite some time now.  The weather this past weekend was so perfect that we couldn’t refuse.  Throw in a trip to Schmaltz’s for the old man, and we’re all in.

CB was a little leary of the big cats.  She sides with Nana in thinking these things look best on a purse.  MK however, wasn’t so bothered.

Ok, maybe a little concerned.

CB’s favorite part of the trip?  Hanging with her cousin, Maddy.

CB was loving her baby-sitting gig.

Poor CB, having to keep up with little sis, Maddy, and mommy.  Quite a chore.

The tradition continues.  Anytime we’re near a zoo we’ve got to have the obligatory giraffe picture for Nana.  I had them when I was young.  CB has had her share, and now little sis is in on the action.

2 thoughts on “Zoo Fun”

  1. Don’t you just love the CPZ? The Braunsteins are big fans. It’s just the right the size for little ones, and the parents aren’t worn out from chasing kids all of over creation. And I admit, I take for granted that I can hit Schmaltz’s any time I want. :-)

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