DVD Issues

I’m having some serious issues with DVD’s.  As I’m sure you’re all aware, it has become the standard practice for TV shows to be compiled on DVD.  You can buy complete boxed sets for everything from ALF, Friends, or the last season of Lost.  There appears to be no rhyme or reason for how the shows are chosen, and therein lies my problem.


How can you not choose “The Fall Guy”?  I mean seriously, it has taken close to two decades for TV to produce something approaching this quality, and that has only been done once Jack Bauer appeared on the scene.  There are times in my life when I get quite depressed with being an attorney.  I look around and see that I’m neither a stunt man or even a bounty hunter – two careers I had great interest in because of Colt Seavers. 


I take the bus to work now and analyze contracts for a living…a far cry from leaping across three lanes of traffic in a jacked up 81’ GMC Sierra with an eagle on the hood, and lets not even mention Heather Thomas.


Problem #2 – The Wonder Years.  This one really gets me.  There has never been and I’m sure never will be a better mix of pure comedy and heartfelt nostalgia all told through that incredible voice over narration.  I seriously grew up along with Kevin, and in that final episode you find out that his dad passed away, and Kevin moves back to his hometown to take over the hardware store.  There’s a 4th of July parade and Kevin is there playing catch with his wife and kids, and you realize that the wife is not Winnie?  I’d better stop myself, it’s getting dusty.  We can get the “Facts of Life” and Green Acres, but no Wonder Years?


The spark that started this whole rant about what’s not in my DVD player is all because of Miss CB and what is currently in my DVD player.  Two words- Full House.  The most ridiculous off all the 80’s- mid 90’s sitcoms starring that moron from America’s Funniest Home Videos, and those little twin anorexic billionaires.  Throw in John Stamos with a wicked mullet – and you’ve got yourself a hit.


CB has become obsessed with this show.  You can only get so many reruns on abc family channel so I looked in the local Blockbuster and sure enough, the entire series of Full House for all your viewing pleasure.  There is no justice in this world…

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