Strong Willed Child

My parents always seem to love any “complaints” I have regarding CB and her incredibly stubborn nature.  They think that it is something of a payback.

Thought you might enjoy this latest episode of CB and Daddy butting heads.

CB loves to spin around in circles in the den.  Problem is, we have tile floor and she spins so fast, she gets dizzy, falls down and winds up crying.  Last night she was spinning like a top, and I told her to stop, which of course, she ignored.

I grabbed her arm and spoke directly into her face, informing her, “If you spin one more circle, you are in big trouble! Do you understand me? One more circle!”

CB casually stepped back, smiled at me, then proceeded to turn slowly to the right about 3/4 of the way around, stopping just before one complete circle.  She then did the same maneuver turning to the left, again stopping just short of a circle.

I will have to admit – I could not stop laughing.

Al informed me that CB obviously understood me as she did not spin ONE MORE CIRCLE, she just spun 3/4 of a circle.  I’ll agree she was right, but as Hank Hill said, “That girl is playin’ lawyer ball!”

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