Packing for the Trip

As each day goes by, Little Miss CB is showing more attributes of her mother.  Today was a perfect example.  One of her favorite activites is driving her Barbie jeep around the house and terrorizing the chihuahuas.

One of her favorite drives, is across the play room and back.  Now keep in mind, the trip across the play room is a whopping 15 feet! You can’t expect a girl to make that trip without packing. 

CB started scanning the room for what she might need for the trip, and I thought it was cute…at first.  Then, that is when I saw Al’s genes kicking in.  CB couldn’t put a doll and maybe something else in for the trip.  Nope!!! She needed everything she could possibly get.

Now you might think I’m stretching this story a bit, but you’ll see that the above was only the beginning.

I’m not kidding this girl packs just like Mommy…

One last check under the hood, and she’s ready to go.
Only problem, she started to get a little upset when she found out there was no place left to sit.  Now she knows how Daddy felt when taking the U-Haul from Houston to Longview.

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