Sesame Street Saga

CB is a huge fan of Sesame Street – not an amazing statement for a 2 year old, I know. However, she is obsessed with one particular character on the show. Elmo – No. Way too easy. Elmo’s everywhere and if your 2 yr old daughter was in love with Elmo, you could pick one up anywhere. Ditto with Big Bird, and to a lesser extent Cookie Monster – easy finds. For some reason, Al is blaming it on weird genertics, CB is obsessed with Bert. That’s right Bert, the lesser known of the Bert & Ernie duo. All she has talked about is Bert, everytime Sesame Street comes on, she becomes enraged and turns the tv off is Bert is not on within 5 minutes. Anytime I get on the computer she runs across the room screaming, Bert, Bert!! She won’t stop until we find pictures of Bert. Long story short, we finally found a Bert online – thank the Lord for e-bay! Al and CB were out running around one afternoon when the mailman showed up and lo and behold – Daddy had his hands on a 14″ Bert Doll. I set Bert up at CB’s table. You have to keep in mind, this is the table where she sits and colors pictures of Bert. I think I was more excited than CB for her to arrive home and finally meet Bert.  CB walks in, sees Bert at her table, and freezes!!! She doesn’t talk, she doesn’t move toward him, she just stares at me. CB finally loosens up enough to show Bert some of her artwork of him, and that is the extent of their relationship. Seriously – she is scared to death of Bert. Refuses to have anything to do with him. She doesn’t even like to be in the same room as her once beloved Bert!!!

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