Out of the mouths of babes… I came home from work last week to find Al and CB in the front yard. After playing with CB for a few minutes Al points to the woods across from our house and says, “That’s sure a strange looking cat.” I glanced up and then assured her it was no cat but a Red Fox! Being the dork I am, I run inside and get the camera and camcorder to document this fascinating experience. CB is beside herself with the excitement and is watching with me as this Fox continues to wander around right out in front of her house. CB is shouting “Fox, daddy!! Fox!” Al and I look at each other with identical quizzal looks. “She really just didn’t say that did she?!?” It seems that CB has a little problem with the “S” sound on the end of “Fox” So her version of the word comes out sounding like, well like the word that starts with an “F” and ends with a “K”, and I don’t mean a firetruck. We immediately try to persuade CB that it’s not a Fox, but perhaps a cat, or a rabbit instead. She’ll have none of it. “Look mommy, F#@!, F#@!” Her animation is growing by the second. Wouldn’t you know it, my mom was on the way over to drop off something for Al. So here comes Nana pulling in the drive way. CB can’t believe her good fortune, Animal Planet in the front yard, and now an audience to share it with. Before Nana can even get out of the car, CB is running up to the door screaming “F#@! Nana, F#@!” Nana looks at me, then Al, then back at CB who is still running off at the mouth like a drunken sailor. A quick lecture on parental responsibility ensues, and luckily the fox makes an appearance again so Nana can see the evidence for herself. I just pray there’s no lesson on animals in the nursery anytime soon!!

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