Daffodil Timeline

I didn’t want to swamp everone with a lot of posts at once, but since I think Al and I are the only ones who actually read these, here goes…

As I mentioned in the last post, this was our third year at Mrs. Lee’s Garden.  Al and I were looking at the old pictures and, like all parents I guess, were left wondering where has time gone… and more importantly where is my little chunky monkey?

It’s an interesting experience, the first trip at 8 months old was filled with “Look out she’s about to fall over.”  “Grab her before she falls off the blanket.”  “Oh great she’s eating a leaf.”

The next trip at 20 months was spent chasing a little speed demon that had much more confidence than ability in her walking.  Notice, still a little chunk too:)

Finally, the most recent trip was filled with talking, all from CB.  “No it’s prettier over there, Daddy”  “I’ll stand here, you go over there.”

I had to include this picture, so that next year we can claim this will be the fourth year for CB and the second trip for little sister.

I will have to say the funniest thing from this year’s adventure were CB’s comments from the first stop to take pictures.  As you can imagine it’s quite a trek to get out to this garden, which is in the middle of nowhwere. After climbing all sorts of dirt roads, we finally found a good spot for a picture.  CB was smiling and posing for the camera, when all of a sudden she stops, gets the strangest look on her face, and says, “Where Are We?”

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