Greatest Vacation. Ever.

Tropical?  Not really.  The Mountains… nope.  CB had her best vacation ever in Shane and Mol’s backyard.  Now this was no ordinary backyard, the magic ingredient…a huge pile of DIRT!!!

Yes, my little girly girl spent hours (and I do mean hours) playing in the dirt.  Of course, she wasn’t just playing there was some supervising going on as well

CB spent most of the afternoon digging, hauling, moving, and throwing dirt.  And this wasn’t one of her normal play with something for 3 minutes before moving onto the next project.  No, this girl is serious about her dirt…

I honestly don’t know how I ever operated a wheelbarrow before Miss CB came along.

The next morning, Shane went out to finish up a couple of spots.  Well, as soon as CB saw he was missing, the crying began.  “I help Shane move Dirt!!!!”

Forget the Caribbean, we’re going all out this summer – Dare I say it…

We’re thinking MUD!!!

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