Pull up the Stakes and Count the Bodies

I’m pretty sure that’s what this circus does after the Big Top leaves town.  To say this was the greatest show on earth, well would actually be pretty accurate.

The majority of the time in the “Big Top” was spent watching people in horrible costumes doing stuff that you used to do in your back yard as a kid.  Trust me, if you ever had access to a trampoline, you’ve probably done 90% of this act.

The real fun however, was outside…

The petting zoo.  I’m no authority on Llamas, but I swear none of them have chiclets as screwed as up as this poor guy.  It does give you an idea of the “quality” of the animals on display.  I don’t know, maybe it was more of a rescue mission thing going on.

Ahh, look at the cute goat for the kids to pet.  Wait a minute, why is that goat eating out of the trash, and why is he on our side of the fence????

A question that none of the employees in circus-town seemed to concerned about.  There were several goats, enclosed behind a 3 1/2 foot  fence, for the children to pet.  This brave goat decided to hop the fence and see what the trash had to offer.

You’d think the guy running the petting zoo would immediately spring into action, and he might have, that is if there were someone running the petting zoo.  This goat wandered around, chasing people unattended for probably 20 minutes.  Finally, an employee sees the goat outside the fence, walks up, laughs, scratches the goat behind the ear, and heads on his merry way.  Glad to see someone take control…

Pay close attention, as these elephants become very important later.

There was a  fence, the same one that surrounded the petting zoo to be exact, around these 3 elephants.  When it came time for these fellas to do their act, one guy would start yelling at them and the elephants would walk from their pen into the Big Top.

Let me tell you, there’s nothing quite like having someone say “Excuse me” from behind you, and turning to see 3 of these bad boys marching your way.  That’s right, the elephants just walked out of the tent and back to their pen, and crossed over where all of the kids and others were riding rides and enjoying the petting zoo.  One good thing, I quickly forgot all about the mad goat on the loose.

Now what could possibly be better for a pregnant mother and a 2 year old – You guessed it…an Elephant Ride.

CB sees the elephants and screams, “Daddy, I ride elephant!!”  We thought sure, you’ll be like the other half dozen kids, twice your age, that walk up to the elephant and then run down the steps screaming, “No, Daddy, No!”

Or you could just jump right on before I have a chance to even say anything!!!

I was trying to ask the guy if CB was old enough to ride, and he asks, in something similar to English, if “I’ve bought tickets for the ride”  When I show him the tickets he says “Oh yeah, she big enough!”  (Must be related to the petting zoo manager)

Al is really getting into this.  However, CB is still trying to figure out how to steer this beast, and make sure he doesn’t step on that goat.

All in all, a great day, and I haven’t even gotten to the hippo in the washtub…

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