Bats…not so much

Saturday night, what to do?  I had a brilliant idea, it seems all my bad stories start this way.  We’d load up the girls and head downtown to see the bats.  Seriously, what little girls wouldn’t want to see 8 million bats, teeth gnashing, screeching through the air.


I’m sure you’re all familiar with the Congress Bridge Bat colony.  I love how the description keeps getting longer.  It’s now the largest Urban, Bat colony West of the Mississippi, of ring tailed, 2 legged, one eyed whatever they are.


Of course the one thing they never tell you is that if you’re planning on seeing the bats you might want to get there a little early… like Tuesday morning.  After circling for hours I finally abandoned Al and the girls with a stroller on the bridge and told them to head out while I went to find parking.  Which turned out to be a great deal…only $45 and it was just a few miles South of San Antonio.


Perhaps I’ve rambled a bit too much. I’ll let the pictures tell the story.


Notice anything, besides the 7 million people standing around.  Yeah, it’s getting darker and darker. And the one thing you won’t see in the pictures????  Not a single bat.

Why does this stuff always happen to me?  You build this whole thing up to a 3 year old, and not a single one even makes an appearance.


I took CB up close to the bridge and you could hear the little #$#@#%^!’s hiding under the bridge, but not one comes out?  You’ve got to be kidding me.


We checked with all the local bat experts, and this has never happened before.  There was talk of strikes and I even heard the bats were tied into some kind of union that was picketing Wal-Mart, but that might have been just rumor.


And the one person out of all of this who was happy with the turnout?  Little Miss MK.  I think she might have been behind this whole thing.


 “I never liked bats anyway”

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