I Don't Know

This has become the standard response from CB for any number of questions.  A little shrug of the shoulders accompanied by the cutest grin imaginable, and well, she gets away with murder – or coloring the dogs.

CB was in the other room today teaching school.  Her only pupils, of course, our faithful chihuahuas, Seve and Sissy.  I don’t know what happened exactly, but I’m assuming cosmetology was on the lesson plan somewhere.

There was never any barking, whining, or any other sound (from CB or the dogs) to indicate that anybody was unhappy.  No warning at all.  The next thing you know, Sissy comes walking around the corner with a lovely shade of blush…

Admittedly, this did bring the brown out in Sissy’s eyes, but that’s beside the point.  The point being, you don’t COLOR ON THE DOGS!!!

With all the attention, Sissy was more than happy to do her best C.S.I impersonation and pose for some more crime-scene pics…

After much belly scratching, and a large serving of turkey, everything was fine with Miss Sissy.  However, Seve is now extremely suspicious, and growls whenever he sees a marker.

He’ll learn the hard way – In a house full of women, you have to deal with PINK.

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