Our Easter Adventure

Where to begin… with the preparations of course. Packing, cleaning the car…nope.  The important stuff first – like manicures

CB is quite the fashionista these days.

We had a wonderful Easter weekend in Waco.  Our first stop, the zoo!

I recently noticed that we never have any pictures of all 3 of us together, so there you go.

CB had a blast at the zoo.  However, there was this one exhibit where you had to crawl down this dark hole to look under a huge aquarium.  It took some prodding at first, but then she crawled around forever, yelling at everyone, scaring the fish, and generally having a great time.

After seeing all the fun Nana Jane was having, CB even went down there as well!!

That’s a lot of women on one bench – Nana Jane, Al, Mol, CB, Madelyn, and Mary Kate.

Now for the scary part…2 women; one map of the zoo.  Where they’re headed – no one knows

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