It’s at times like these that I often think back to the words of the great REK.  When he was struggling to make it in the music business, and by struggling, meaning his wife was about to kill him because he was getting absolutely no work – he got a break.  A local hangout wanted him to play weekly sets.  Legend has it that he turned it down.  The reason…he didn’t want to be overexposed.

That’s the way I’ve been feeling about the blog lately.  I think the failure of many blogs is that people feel like they have to put up something, anything on a daily or weekly basis, regardless of whether it’s interesting or not.  I don’t want to fall into that trap, and I’m not big on schedules anyway.  So, there’s my reason for the hiatus.  I’ll be back, as soon as I find my muse.

On a side note, I’ve always found it interesting that I’ll put a new entry and over a couple of days I’ll get 600+ hits on the site and never a single comment.  I always wondered who these people were that cared about my ramblings.  Now that the blog’s been dormant for some time, I’m getting anonymous comments complaining that there have been no updates.  That’s classic.

More to come…

8 thoughts on “Overexposure”

  1. Maybe your blog readers are just taking your advice…not commenting on a daily or weekly basis because they just don’t have anything interesting to say…? All I have to say sometimes is, “Hi. I read this blog entry today.” Or, “Hi. I was just checking to see if there was something new today because I am too lazy to figure out RSS feeds.”

    Actually, today I do have something to say…because of this entry I am always going to be wondering if Mark thinks my blog has jumped the shark because I post too often or because it’s not interesting enough.

    Thanks a lot.


  2. I have to admit, I cannot criticize your blog. Two reasons. First, you’re the one I ripped off, several years ago now. I started this whole mess after reading your blog.

    Second, anyone who successfully uses the phrase “Jumped the shark” in a comment is above reproach in my book.

    Glad to know you’re still reading.

  3. Disclaimer: My whole comment was meant to be tongue-in-cheek.

    Well, except about being too lazy to figure out RSS feeds. That part is completely true.

  4. I have never left a comment…in fact, don’t even know you. I’m actually Gretchen’s cousin and hit your blog one day on her link purely by accident. I keep checking it b/c:
    a. It is a riot
    b. Your girls are precious
    c. I got hooked while home on maternity leave with my first little one this fall…the days get rather boring after a while.
    d. I promise I’m not a stalker…you can have Gretchen and Aaron swear on that one!

  5. I’m a stalker! Well, I guess I”m not really a stalker, but this is the only way Alison and I stay in contact. I know there are such things as e-mail and phone calls, but why do either of those if we can read about each others’ lives on blogs and feel like we caught up? :-)

    So, hi Alison! ;-)

  6. I don’t know you but I must admit I’m a bit addicted to the adventures of MK and CB. They are adorable! I link through Gretch’s page and I think she’ll vouch for me. Keep up the good work! amy

  7. Ok, I have it narrowed down to 2 Amy’s off of Gretch’s blog…can’t figure it out. I have read all of the Amy blogs on hers so I would love to know :)

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