We’re not really sure what to name this one. Neither of our girls was ever really attached to anything, favorite blankets, toys, stuffed animals. Whatever. It was take it or leave it. The only thing they were really ever interested in was whatever the other one was playing with at that moment.

However, there is one trait that Miss CB displayed that troubled us at first – the belly button obsession – or BBO as it’s called in the trade journals. She had to have ready access to her button at all times, or there were dire consequences. We thought it was kind of cute at first, then just downright weird, but hey, she’s my daughter so she’s bound to have some weird traits, if not quite a few.

As she got older, the obsession thankfully seemed to fade away. Although even now, when she’s really tired, I can catch her with her finger squarely inserted in her button.

When Little Sister came along we thought this button obsession was surely an acute phenomenon, and MK would go by unscathed. We could not have been more wrong. Not only does MK suffer from BBO, it is much, much worse. I’m worried that if it carries on at this rate, MK’s children might require surgical intervention to remove the hand.

The real problem occurs during cold weather. What do you do with a little one when it’s 30 degrees outside? Those furry sleepers are nice, but as you can imagine, provide no access to the button. So you’re left with either a frozen kid, or a screaming kid. The solution?

I give you the first ever – soon to be patented- BBO sleeper. I would rush these to market, but I’m still not sure how many people out there suffer from BBO. Better to keep it a custom item for now.

One thought on “Compulsion…Obsession???”

  1. Lovely update. It’s been a year since my last blog visit. I trust all the intervening holidays and celebrations were swell.

    Happy Christmas and new year.

    Regards, Steven Moss

    ps-send an email and I’ll update you on the collapse of SES.

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