The Trip

It’s a Havens’ tradition.  At some point, the girls have got to head to the Texas Coast.  So, last weekend we met my parents in Galveston.  I’ll leave out the details of the actual road trip – I still have a touch of the shakes.

As for the beach itself…the girls loved it.  I was a little nervous after seeing several kids , all older than our girls, screaming in terror at the waves.  Not so with us.  In fact, I think MK would have walked to the Intercontinental shelf if I let her.

And as for CB…

Farther daddy, farther!!!  That’s all I heard.  CB had a blast.  With all her cleanliness tendencies – she wasn’t that big of a fan of the sand, but she loved the water; much cleaner.

MK learning early – proper eye care is a must at the beach.

I’ve got a ton of video of the girls in action, so stay tuned for more beach goodness

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