Routine, Routine

CB is a creature of habit.  She gets this from her mother.  Al has always preached how kids need structure, boundaries, routine.  I agree, but CB has taken this to a new level.


I learned this on Saturday when we let Al sleep in.  CB informed me that she gets the juice out for her and MK and they sit and watch Sesame Street for a few minutes while drinking their juice.  Then, and only then, do you move into the breakfast area where CB has another routine of how and what she eats for breakfast, and in what specific order.

I was doing ok until I forgot the magazine.  She has to have a magazine to peruse over her breakfast.  Which I can now see why.  That girl is ready for lunch with the Blue-Hair club as she averages about two hours per meal at the table.  A sharp contrast with little sister who has trimmed her meal time to approximately 2 ½ minutes or until we sit down at the table, whichever comes first.

I say all this about routine by way of explaining the girls’ recent Halloween adventure.  Last year CB made the momentous decision to be Strawberry Shortcake for Halloween, as well as decreeing that MK would join her as Apple Dumpling. 

This year with Halloween approaching we prepared for the agonizing decision of “What to Be?”  Apparently, this routine thing extends to Halloween as well.  CB looks at me, shocked, and says I’ll be Strawberry Shortcake and MK will be Apple Dumpling.


I guess this is a lengthy way of saying – “Please welcome back Flavor-Flav making an appearance as Apple Dumpling.

And of course, the original Decider.

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