A Character Study

I never knew that Target could be the place for a psychological profile, but with the right toys it certainly can be.  Al and I have commented all along about how different our girls are.  Today was a perfect example.

We all went to Target this afternoon, and I had the girls with me so that Al could actually get something done.  Like any good mother does this time of year, Al has done a good job of keeping the girls away from the Halloween section.  And, like any good dad, it was the first place I took the girls.

We were wandering the aisles when CB spots a fake plastic bowl of candy with a white, skeleton hand sticking up.  There’s a motion sensor so that when you reach in to take the candy, the skeleton claw grabs you.

CB walks up, eyeing the thing suspiciously, and then slowly places her hand in the bowl.  The claw grabs her and she screams like Lucifer himself has made an appearance.  She’s shrieking and backing away flailing her hands hysterically, but then finally has a good laugh about it.  MK is unaware of the whole event, and so CB is of course wanting little sister to try it (what are big sisters for?)

MK walks over sticks her hand in the bowl, and the claw clamps down on her.  She flinches, just for a split second, and then realizes that this claw might be attempting to take HER candy.  She reaches in with the other hand, and now has two hands on the claw, nearly ripping the fingers off at the knuckles.  She eventually pulls the whole thing off the shelf into the floor, and I managed to grab her before she could start kicking the poor guy while he’s down.

Two different girls, two very different reactions.  And, proof positive that there’s maybe a little more of that PaPa gene in Miss MK than we had originally thought.

One thought on “A Character Study”

  1. That is too funny! Such a dad thing to do :o) I can’t wait to see if the differences in personalities are still there when MK get’s older.

    PS – I still have a little laugh when I’m watching football and thinking of CB thinking they are going to the bathroom. That was HILARIOUS!!

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