CB has picked up an interesting new habit… the prayer before dinner.  This is certainly an admirable trait, and one that we’ve tried to instill in her…it’s just that her execution of the prayer is, well, interesting.

Lest you think this is a passing whim that CB takes lightly, oh no, no.  She will not let anyone dare touch their plate before she has prayed.  

She starts off ok, “Dear Jesus, thank you for this PRETTY day.  There could be an F-5 tornado currently pulling the roof off, but CB is going to throw in the “Pretty day “remark, which is fine.  But then things start to ramble…

CB starts to bless “Mommy, Me, Daddy, Me, Bubba, Sissy” At this point she gets even quieter and either starts speaking in tongues, and/or blessing random objects in the room.  We think we caught her blessing mommy’s watch last night.  I’ve been to full blown Pentecostal prayer services that didn’t last this long.

While this can be cute, the problem comes when you try and jump in.  After 15-20 minutes,  I’ll usually say a loud “AMEN!”, thereby ending the prayer…or so I thought.

However, if CB is not finished, she adamantly exclaims, “NO! NO! DADDY!!!  I NOT THROUGH PRAYING YET !!”  She then resumes her prayer, at which point she, because of my interruption, has lost her concentration and she starts back with “Pretty Day” and then rambles on down the road again.  

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