The Great Dilemma

All I was looking for was a haircut.  That’s got to be one of the worst things about moving.  I mean, it’s easy to find a doctor, mechanic, etc…. But for a haircut you’re usually stuck with two options:  The first option is the super cheap route.  Sure the cut’s only 6 bucks, but then there’s that co-pay at the ER for the blood loss, not to mention the staff infection you picked up from that chair that hasn’t been cleaned since the last hobo got a trim, and well, when you add it all up, it’s just not worth it.


Then, of course, there’s the other option – someone who simply waves the scissors in your general direction and then drops a bill for 400 large in your lap.


Having traveled down both these roads before I decided to ask my friendly Austin concierge, Erin, for advice.  She sent me to a place that was perfect – 5 minutes from work, very reasonable price, and they did a great job.  There’s got to be some catch, right?


Just as the lady starts trimming my hair, in walks this guy in shorts and a t-shirt, chatting away on the cell phone.  I thought the voice sounded familiar, so I glance up and sure enough, it’s the Governor.


Now, those of ya’ll who know me are aware that my political tendencies tend to be all over the map.  So as I’m sitting there enjoying the trim, the first thing that comes to my mind is the voice of Molly Ivins – a wildly liberal, left wing columnist, and one of my personal heroes.  Anytime the Governor is mentioned, she always refers to him as “Governor Goodhair”.  That always cracked me up…until now.


Now, I’ve got a problem.  I really liked the haircut, but can I, in good conscience, continue going to the same place as “Governor Goodhair”   A huge personal issue.

 All in all, the haircut was great, and luckily, no one even brought up my “Kinky” bumper sticker.

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