Texas Hold 'Em

I’m sure most of you thought the blog had finally expired.  Al was among you.  However, the title gives a clue as to why there has been no activity.  Texas Hold ‘Em let’s begin…

CB played her first hand a day after her birthday – full blown strep throat with fever, chills, stomach ache – the works.  But much like her father, CB has always been one to press her luck.  So after several days of antibiotics for the Strep she’s still hitting 101 on the thermometer.  Back to the doctor, where CB takes the Strep and raises an Adno Virus – good times.

Not to be out done, Al got in on the action.  Yep she matched CB’s strep shot for shot.  However, she didn’t get the virus, so the hand goes to CB.  On the same day Al was at the doctor getting treatment, I took MK in and you guessed it – she got all the above – the girl’s hard core.  I’m beginning to think she’s the real gambler of the bunch because she took the strep, the virus, and raised the stakes with a horrible case of diarhea.

I’m surrounded by a house full of sick women, trying to help when I can, and taking every supplement, whole foods vodoo gris gris I can get my hands on to try and ward of the sickness.  But in the end, I had to get in on the action as well.  Strep, virus, and temperatures cresting at 103.  The girls are thankfully on the mend now and are caring for a very sick Daddy.



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